GET ACTIVE! Join the new friendly, low impact, cycling group.

GET ACTIVE!  Join the new friendly, low impact, cycling group.

Exercise is important for good health & well-being and this is especially true in people with diabetes. There is always a psychological challenge in starting and maintaining new healthy habits.  Having to worry about blood sugar levels, as well as the usual anxiety about being embarrassed by your starting fitness level, just adds to the challenge in people with diabetes.

The Diabetes Centre are setting up an exercise group, open to anyone but with an emphasis on people with diabetes. Its purpose is to help people to start a regular exercise habit. This includes a social aspect, as well as making sure that the level of activity is gentle enough for complete beginners.  There will be plenty of people who understand all about having diabetes, so there’s no need to feel awkward about needing to test or manage your blood glucose during the sessions. The philosophy of the group is "no one gets left behind". So go as slowly as you need to, for as far as you want to. In the future, the intention is to add a jogging/running group.

The first group will be for cycling as this is low impact & offers more options for catching your breath if needed. Each cycling session will start with a slow, short section (around 2 miles, which is equivalent to walking about ½ mile) and will aim to push the pace/distance up in stages as the group sees fit. Each stage will pass through the start point so that people can stop when they feel that they have done enough for the day. If the group gets too big then it will be split into groups of a similar level of fitness. In the beginning there will be members of the diabetes team leading each of the sessions.

The first cycle group will be on Tuesday 24th March at 5.30pm at the Diabetes Centre, 50 Bridport Road, Dorchester.  DT1 2NQ

For further information, please contact the Diabetes Centre on 01305 255130, West Dorset on 01305 385870 or  contact us here.