Help the Dorset Diabetes Eye Screening Programme Board

Help the Dorset Diabetes Eye Screening Programme Board

The Dorset Diabetes Eye Screening Programme Board are looking to recruit a ‘service user’ to attend their Programme Board meetings and was wondering if anyone would be interested or could suggest someone who might like to participate.

Meetings are held 3 times at our Wimborne offices.  The agenda is usually in this format:

1.  Welcome and Apologies
2.  Minutes of previous meeting
3.   Matters arising and actions
4.   Provider Update:
      a. Validated quality standards report submitted nationally
      b. QA Action tracker
      c. Incidents
      d. Risk register
      e. Health promotion/inequality work
      f.  Patient feedback/user experience report
5.   Service User Update
6.   PHE/Commissioner Update
7.   Quality Assurance Team Update
8.    AOB
9.   Dates of Future Meetings

Dates of the next two meetings are:

  • Monday 19th Nov 2018 (am), 10-12 in Wimborne
  • Monday 13th May 2019 (am), 10-12 in Wimborne

Travel expenses can be claimed at 40p per mile and there is a form which needs to be completed each time.

Please contact Rayne Corkett or Tannith Burt on the Programme Office number 01305 898244 so that we can discuss what attendance at this board meeting entails.

We are very keen to work with our patients and we are also looking to start a Service User Group, with the first couple of items to discuss being:

  • Review the Programme’s letters, marketing and promotional materials
  • Feedback on their view of the service

This group may involve face to face meetings, phone calls or feedback via email.  If anyone is interested, please contact Tannith Burt for the Terms of Reference.